I don’t want ordinary, it’s not in my nature!!

The best life

I am doing my very best to live my best life. It’s not always easy but I have learned that I can’t always control all around me but there are certain things I can. Staying compliant with medication and doing my best (not always succeeding) with keeping regular sleep patterns. I think in the pastContinue reading “The best life”


I think we all started 2021 with the great hope, that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccinations would begin to be administered and soon life would become that little bit more normal. It is funny though, even though we are rolling out vaccinations that light seems that little bit further awayContinue reading “Hope”

Live my Best Life

My posts have been really depressing of late but I feel now like I have my big girl pants on. I feel so much better and I have come to the glaringly obvious conclusion that it doesn’t really matter what makes me feel better, me, medication or a combination of both. I have written aboutContinue reading “Live my Best Life”

Be careful

I feel a bit conflicted about my last post. It was good to finally say it all out loud but then there is the judgement that comes with it. People always say it’s good to talk but there are things people don’t want to listen to. I think disclosing a part of ourselves can beContinue reading “Be careful”

How I got here

I was in my mid to early 20’s when I was diagnosed with bipolar. I asked my psychiatrist…why has this happened, have I always had it and what has caused it. He told me that it could have been triggered by a traumatic event. When I was 18 I started going out with this guy.Continue reading “How I got here”


So I came off my meds at the start of the year. I was feeling so much better and my mindset felt differently. I had started exercising again, I felt relaxed and I hadn’t self harmed in weeks. When I am on meds, it always makes me question, is it them or me that isContinue reading “Ahhhhh”


And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t comingOr the moment of truth in your liesWhen everything feels like the moviesYeah, you bleed just to know, you’re alive And I don’t want the world to see me‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understandWhen everything’s made to be brokenI just want you to know who IContinue reading “Iris”

**** off

My life is never not hectic, 3 young kids sees to that but there is good hectic and bad hectic. Christmas and New Year were good hectic. Full on with the kids but lots of fun and laughter made it a great couple of weeks. This week I wouldn’t say it’s a full blown wobbleContinue reading “**** off”

New Year

Not quite sure which adjective to use- do we still say Happy New Year, or will we just say New Year? Had a really good break and for the first time in what feels like a very long time, I was totally switched off and relaxed. I am back exercising again and enjoying getting aContinue reading “New Year”


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