So I came off my meds at the start of the year. I was feeling so much better and my mindset felt differently. I had started exercising again, I felt relaxed and I hadn’t self harmed in weeks.
When I am on meds, it always makes me question, is it them or me that is the reason I feel good. Do 2 pills a day make all the difference, or is a positive outlook and looking after yourself all you really need? I know I know the answer to the question, but I just so want it to be different. I hate having to rely on something to help me feel better, that my strength and will alone isn’t good enough long term.
I’m just not comfortable in myself with having Bipolar, and that is why very few people in my life know about it. People say that they can’t talk about mental health for fear of being judged. I do worry about that, but also know I judge myself far more than anyone else could.

So how do I end this as I am quite sure it’s written so badly. Take your meds I guess!!

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