Hello China

Seem to have a few visitors from China- would appreciate your feedback.


Haven’t written in a while. Life feels a bit relentless right now. Working far too many hours, kids full on and pretty exhausted. My mood is levelling out though, still got issues with sleep and switching off, but definitely better than it was. I am working so hard to stay in control, but feel moreContinue reading “Today”

2nd November

I haven’t slept properly in days, didn’t even bother going to bed last night. I have had to come back in to the real world today even though I know that I am far too fragile. I put a post on my facebook page last night referencing a bipolar quote. My family didn’t say anythingContinue reading “2nd November”


Yesterday I was impeccable Compassionate, caring and selfless I loved with no fear With no contraints Yet I questioned, If I was being too candid too exuberant, enthusiastic Today my mood is sombre It is only getting darker Dragging down all those around me To those that I love, I burden Creating uneasiness everywhere IContinue reading “Yesterday……”

I am sorry….

I tried to keep going but I fell, and I shattered in to tiny little pieces. I feel mentally and physically exhausted and I need time to put myself back together. I have nothing to give, and I am so sorry to everyone that I am letting down right now.


I feel like the chaos in my mind has already returned. Even though I am aware, I feel powerless to stop it.


I can’t stop this feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted. My life feels chaotic and so does my mind and I can’t find an escape from it. Everyone wants some part of me and I feel this pressure, this expectation level that I am really struggling to achieve. I almost need life to stand stillContinue reading “Overwhelmed”

I am broken…

I feel broken, I am physically and emotionally drained and just want to collapse in a heap on the ground. I have given all I can in the last few weeks, but I am literally on my knees. I saw my psychiatrist yesterday. I had been stressing so much about it and had built itContinue reading “I am broken…”


So I have an appointment with my psychiatrist next Wednesday. I know I need to do this but I am terrified. I find it so difficult talking to professionals more so now that I have children. Before I had kids I didn’t really care what they thought about me but now I’m scared to beContinue reading “Appointment”


For the first time in about 5 months I feel like I have finally stepped off the rollercoaster. I feel this sense of calm that I haven’t felt in so long and It feels really good. I have amazing people in my life, who have helped me get to this place and I am reallyContinue reading “Today”


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